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9001-2015    14001-2015

CONVEX AEBE was certified in November 2010 for the implementation of its own quality system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 and in March of  2019 with ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system.
Our certificates have been awarded by TUV HELLAS one of the most recognized internationally in the field of certifications. CONVEX's quality control system includes, among other things, continuous testing of supplies, produced semi-finished products in all production and final products phases. These audits aim at the truly high quality of our products in order to satisfy the final consumer. Particular attention is paid to the durability of varnishes, which are the final protective coatings on our metal products. A test with strong solvents and chemicals (acetone, formic acid, etc.) is performed daily, demonstrating abrasion resistance and oxidative environments.
Finally, Convex complies with the standard of high-level waste management standards with significant environmental benefits such as reduced energy consumption and improved efficiency of its processes. These are Convex's ongoing commitments to improving its environmental performance.



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CONVEX upon trying to ensure even more the quality of its products utilizes external certified laboratories which perform tests like :

Resistance test in salt spray cabin according to EN 1670:2007 “Building hardware. Corrosion resistance. Requirements and test methods.”

CONVEX collaborates with Italian laboratory LAPI spa for antifire tests on door handles according to EN 1634 -2: 2008 –“ Fire resistance and smoke control test for door shutter and openable window assemblies and elements of building hardware"




At CONVEX we have implemented the use of the standard BS EN 1906:2012: Building hardware - Lever handles and knob furniture – Requirements and test methods - in order to evaluate the performance of our products. The results from the tests described in this standard and the evaluation of the products correspond to an 8 digit classification as defined by the standard. The tests performed at certified laboratories but also the internal quality controls enable us to classify our products based on this standard. We are in a position to issue certifications for our products referring to this classification.





The Hellenic Copper Development Institute certifies that CONVEX has the right to use the internationally acknowledged trade mark Cu+ on its antimicrobial product range.



openings against-oxidation

Convex guarantees that the open/close mechanism incorporated in its door handles will not break berfore 200.000 openings and closures. CONVEX guarantees a 10 year duration, for chrome plated products or parts of products, without a sign of any corrosion formation on the surface..








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