Γιάννη ΓκίκαςYiannis Ghikas / Yiannis Ghikas was born in Athens, Greece. His educational background combines computer science and design. Yiannis uses functionality as the ultimate purpose of his designs, while exploring the potential emotional responses they can generate. He sees design as a process of satisfying both tangible and intangible needs. In 2009, his Monarchy stool, produced by the Belgian company Feld, received the Red Dot Design Award.

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Σωτήρης ΛάζουSotiris Lazou / Born in Athens in 1965, Sotiris Lazou studied interior design in Athens Technological Educational Institution and Industrial Design in Milan at the famous DOMUS ACADEMY under the professors Andrea Branzi, Isao Hosoe and Ezio Manzini. Sotiris’ design creations have received internationalrecognition. His Cosmos table won the 2008 Good Design Award. He was also nominated for Designpreis Deutschland 2010.

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Γιάννης ΓεωργαράςYannis Georgaras / Born in Athens in 1973, Yannis Georgaras studied industrial design in AKTO School of Applied Arts and carried on his studies in Middlesex University, London. He designs original objects for Greek companies and organisations. He took part in the IMM Cologne international exhibition from 2003 to 2009 and in DESTE foundation in 2005. In 2008, his Tetra stool, manufactured by the Greek firm VARANGIS, received the Red Dot design award. Finally, Red Dot design Award was given to him again in 2013 for his door handle design series "2055" manufactured in CONVEX S.A.

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Χριστίνα ΠερδικάκηChristina Perdikaki / Born in 1980, Christina Perdikaki studied Architecture in Universitatea de Architectura si Urbanism ‘Ion Mincu’ in Bucarest, as well as Industrial Design at Scuola Politecnica di design SPD, in Milan. Combining her creative skills with modern technology, she can create any form of innovative design, focusing on furniture and household products. In the LED (Lighting Exhibition Design) exhibition, held in Milan in 2009, she won the Ride it to Light it prize, in the design category.





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