Led Lighting

Led Lighting thumbRecessed downlights with LED lamp of 4000LT series with or without cover


Fittings for internal areas for all environment and decorative applications.

Metal body of pressed steel, powder painted or electrochemically treated. Reflector of anodized aluminum 99.95%.


Fittings for use in shopping malls, department stores, hotels, banks, public transport stations (airports, metro, etc), exhibitions, museums, public buildings, restaurants, lounges, corridors, entrances of buildings.


  • Direct connection to the supply (230V)
  • Low power consumption by 70%
  • low air pollution
  • zero light pollution
  • possibility of half LED lighting
  • dimmable
  • constant illumination without flickering
  • does not emit high temperatures (less need of aircondioting, especially during summer months)

Colors of the  front mask


Mat Nickel

Mat Gold




Technical Characteristics

Number of LED's
3/4/5 depending on power of the PL downlight
Color Temperature
4000K or 5000K
Color Rendering Index
CRI > 80
Power Factor
> 0,95
Complies with following EU harmonized standards
EN 55015:2006 + A2:2007 + A2:2009
EN 61547: 2009
EN 61347-1:2008 +A1:2011
EN 62031:2008
(EU) No 206/2012
(EU) No 626/2011 CLASS A
Life duration
50.000+ hours
Country of manufacture

save moneyLED vs FL

Example of reducing operating costs compared lighting with LED lamps and with fluorescent lighting.

A luminaire 2x26w with ballast consumes about 70 watt.
A LED lamp consumes 20 watt.
Electricity savings is 70 - 20 = 50 watt.
The luminaire operates on average about 10 hours per day
365 days x 10 hours per day = 3650 hours per year.
For each fixture we have savings equal to
50w x 3650 hours = 182.500wh per year = 182,5 Kwh per year.
For a space with 100 lamps we have 100 x 182,5 Kwh = 18.250 Kwh per year.
With the current price of PPC invoice (in Greece) of 0.15736 € / Kwh
We earn 18.250 Kwh x 0.15736 € / Kwh = 2.871,82 € per year.


Regarding the environment, with a charge of about 0.6 Kg
CO2 per Kwh consumed, we reduce the emissions by 18.075 Kwh x 0.6 = 10.950 Kg CO2. That is, for every 100 fixtures we change, we have more or less 11 tonnes CO2 less in
the atmosphere every year.

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